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Pictured left to right: Sally Crino, Executive Director of Davenport Schools Foundation, and Sean Fortin, General Manager at Kunes Nissan of Davenport laughing together as they drive in the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum Edition
Text reads: Kunes Car Convos; Sally Crino talking about Davenport Schools Foundation!

Davenport Schools Foundation

Published on Apr 24, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

Kunes Car Convos: Davenport Schools Foundation and the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum Edition

In this episode…

  • 1:17 - One of the largest school districts in the state!
  • 7:16 - Hear what the kids have to say
  • 9:27 - What is the Great Minds program?
  • 13:28 - How does the foundation get funding?
  • 17:39 - Closing thoughts with an extra bonus

Today, Sean Fortin, General Manager at Kunes Nissan of Davenport, takes a ride in the sleek 2024 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum Edition with Sally Crino, Executive Director of the Davenport Schools Foundation. As they cruise around Davenport, they dive into the impactful work of the foundation, which plays a crucial role in enhancing educational experiences for local students.

A Foundation Built on Dreams and Dedication

Founded in 1987, the Davenport Schools Foundation is a beacon of support for the Davenport Community School District. Operating as an independent 501c3 nonprofit, the foundation’s mission is to provide resources that go beyond the usual school funding to help students achieve more. With nearly 12,000 students across the district, many of whom come from low-income households, the foundation's efforts are more critical than ever.

Sally Crino: A Heart for Service

Sally Crino, who spent a significant part of her career at St. Ambrose University, brings a wealth of experience in advancement and fundraising to her role at the foundation. After retiring, her passion for giving back to the community led her to this part-time yet impactful position. Under her leadership, the foundation continues to thrive, focusing on creating opportunities that can change students' lives.

Transformative Programs: Great Minds and Beyond

One of Sally's favorite initiatives is the Great Minds program, which introduces students to real-world experiences outside the classroom. From exploring agriculture at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds to engaging with advanced simulations at JA BizTown, these programs expand horizons and inspire future pathways. Whether it's becoming an accountant or exploring environmental science, students leave these experiences with a vision for what's possible.

Scholarships: Investing in Futures

The foundation also prides itself on its scholarship program, which supports graduating seniors in pursuing further education. Witnessing the joy and potential impact during these scholarship awards is a highlight for Sally, emphasizing the foundation's role in fostering community growth and improvement.

How Can the Community Get Involved?

The Davenport Schools Foundation thrives on community support, relying heavily on private donations and volunteer involvement. Whether by joining a committee or attending fundraising events, there are numerous ways for individuals to contribute to the foundation’s success. Sally stresses the importance of community engagement in keeping these programs vibrant and impactful.

Upcoming Events and Continued Impact

Looking ahead, the foundation is planning a scholarship reception in May and a fundraising event in October. These events are crucial for sustaining the foundation's programs and scholarships, which in turn support the educational and personal growth of students in the Davenport area.

A Commitment to Making a Difference

As Sally aptly puts it, the Davenport Schools Foundation not only supports the educational journey of students but also enhances the overall community through its programs and initiatives. With ongoing collaborations and community support, the foundation looks forward to continuing its mission of opening doors and creating opportunities for the students of Davenport.

At Kunes Nissan of Davenport, we’re proud to share these stories that highlight the positive changes and opportunities within our community. Stay tuned for more insights and community features here on Kunes Car Convos!

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