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Is the End Near for the Nissan Titan?

Published on Apr 14, 2023 by Kunes Team

Automotive News has reported that Nissan will be discontinuing the full-size truck known as the Titan in the coming years. This comes in the wake of a dismal sales year for the import outsider in 2021, when only 17,776 units were sold. Although this was a 41% increase from the previous year, it still put the Titan well behind the domestic truck manufacturers Big Three: Ford, Chevrolet, and RAM. While nearly 18,000 Titans sold, may seem like a lot, Ford, Chevy and RAM all achieved the 500,000 unit mark, with Ford reportedly selling over 700,000 units.

You may jump to the conclusion that the Titan’s struggling sales are due to inferiority to its counterparts. However, it probably has more to do with the fact that American truck buyers just prefer to stick to the domestic brands. Outside of the Big Three, Nissan also has to compete with Toyota, a fellow import with an adamantly loyal customer base. This leaves very little room for the Titan to win customers over. When it comes to the actual experience and performance of a Titan, they score fairly well. J.D. Power and Associates even went as far as to rank the Titan above all three legacy brands and Toyota in 2021. The Titan was only beaten by the GMC Sierra 1500 for best large light-duty pickup.. 

So where do you go if you have been a fan of the Nissan Titan? Well, one option you have is to slide into the new Nissan Frontier. The Frontier is smaller than the Titan, being in the midsize truck class, but shares a lot of the features Nissan fans enjoyed in the Titan. If you enjoy a quiet ride, free of any wind or highway noise, the Frontier is an excellent choice that also boasts a much more modern interior than in years past. Although the end is near for the Titan, you still have a couple more years of production and, of course, the dependable Frontier is still an option!